Member Benefits

The farm is open 7 days a week for members to come and enjoy!  And it is so much more.  We want you to connect with your food.  Participate.  Whether you’re walking with the kids and pick up some eggs, fishing in the pond, come out to help plant the garden, or volunteer at an event, we want you to know where your food comes from!  Here are some options:

Guided Weekend Tours – Bring family and friends out for a tour that is really an event!  Learning about the work we do here, petting baby chicks and pigs, and lots of space to walk and hike!  Sundays/Saturdays, 10, Noon and 2pm, no reservations needed!  Come on out!

Our Events! – Barn Dances, Fermentation Festival, Pumpkins on Pikes, Bull Session in the Barn, all fun for any age!  Check out the Calendar for upcoming events.

Your Own Event - You have an opportunity (dependent upon availability) to have that special event whether it’s an anniversary, birthday or big shin dig with a band.  Call and let us know what you are thinking.   As a member the cost is nominal!

Dinner at the Farm - Call ahead to order your BBQ dinner and we will prepare a basket of food for your party whether it is romantic date (we have wine too) or a group, we can fire up the grill.  We hand you the food and provide the grill and necessaries for you to have a farm dinner down by the garden!

School Tours – Are you a teacher or do you have a child in school.  We offer all “age appropriate” tours during the school week.  Call or e-mail to get the details!