"As producers of the food that nourishes you and your family, we understand that we take on an enormous responsibility.  It is important to us to only feed our children meat produced without harmful chemicals or hormones raised on a healthy diet of grass out on pasture and no stress. As such, we created Tara Firma Farms to provide the same quality food for you and your family. This is a responsibility that we accept and take very seriously."  -Tara & Craig Smith, Founders of Tara Firma Farms


Tara Firma Farms is a sustainable farm in Petaluma, CA, which produces grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and pastured chicken.

Through our CSA program, we offer the best-tasting, healthiest, most humanely-raised meats you can feed yourself & your family.

In 2009, we set off on a mission to create a source of food produced with the highest integrity, that brought the community together, and that allowed our consumers full access to our farm. From the inception we provide education to the public with our free farm tours. Here, the community learns where their food comes from, how they can be accountable in the process, choosing between conventional, organic, or local, and knowing all the differences to make educated decisions. Our valued members hold us accountable by demanding the highest quality food produced in the most sustainable and ecologically sound way. Inspired by the genius of Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farms, we were able to bring this vision and our community together to experience healthy food and the life cycles that support each other and our planet.

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"Grow the Mind to Grow the Soil to Grow the Food that Strengthens the Community"

We follow a philosophy of building and supporting the processes that re-engage the natural life cycles here on the farm. These cycles are all interconnected; from microbial life in the soil to grasses to the animals that use and support that grass and more. Because stress is the enemy of all living things, our goal is to support these natural processes and intentionally avoid any and all stress for all involved in these cycles.  We do not use hormones or chemicals of any kind in the raising of our animals.  With no stress and a healthy lifestyle they never get sick!


Throughout our journey we have learned some disturbing facts about the current industrial food system but many more inspiring solutions that honor the land, animals, and life cycles critical to the planets survival.  Through this process we are guided by core values that we believe are critically important to the environment and future of food:

  • Provide the animals, plants, and soil a happy, stress-free, healthy lifestyle.
  • Grazing our animals in a way that revives grassland to sequester carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Allowing our animals access to a plethora of greens thereby transferring valuable nutrition to you.
  • Offer an environment where people can comfortably learn about where their food comes from and interact with those processes.
  • No chemicals or drugs of any kind in/on land or animals. 


We bring this delicious, healthy, farm fresh food to you through our CSA program that delivers to your doorstep, business, Farmer's Market, or you can pick up here at the farm!  SIGN UP today to receive the cleanest, healthiest, tastiest food in the San Francisco Bay Area without altering your busy schedule. We currently deliver direct door to door most of Northern California. Click the button below to see if we deliver to your home!

Here at Tara Firma Farms we believe that sustainable, Non-GMO, pasture rotation farming is the future of food production and we are working to pave the way for generations to come. Pay us a visit!