A N N U A L   H A R V E S T   F E S T I V A L

Recently Monday we were fortunate enough to take a break from our busy farm lives, sit down outdoors in the crisp fall weather and enjoy a family meal. Family meals are an opportunity to slow down, recognize the challenges that we face and reflect on how much we appreciate being surrounded by such a great group of individuals in such a unique work environment.

We prepared a meal of slow-cooked pork shoulder, quinoa, vegetables, and roasted marrow bones. Nothing fancy…just simply prepared ingredients from the farm that highlight the food we work so hard to produce and enjoy sharing with one another.

We’d like to share this experience with you, the members of our community and extend an invitation to join us for a meal on Sunday, November 23rd. We'll be hosting our first annual Harvest Festival at the farm from 3pm to 6pm with food, wine, entertainment and great friends. We encourage you to bring the whole family and a cooler as well so you can pick up your Thanksgiving turkey while you're here! 

As we approach the holiday season our farm is busier than ever thanks to your support. We look forward to a fun-filled afternoon surrounded by the people who make this all a possibility by being part of our membership.

- Rob

Just announced: Old Belle will be playing their Kentucky Bluegrass for this party. It's going to be a good one! See you there!