Help Reverse Climate Change 3 Times a Day

Many people are unaware of the massive carbon footprint that getting food from industrial feedlots have. Here is a list of a few environmental hazards of conventional farming:

  • Methane from corn-fed cows in close confinement.
  • Toxic waste that runs off from the industrial feedlots.
  • Emissions from transporting meat around the world.

According to the EPA over 8% of America’s greenhouse gases are emitted from agriculture. However, emissions are only a small part of the overall environmental impact. The larger but less evident issue is the desertification of the grassland that cows (and bison) should be grazing on! For thousands of years ruminants, such as cows, evolved in a symbiotic relationship with the grasslands, trimming and fertilizing the land while they feed them-self. The grassland fed the cows and the cows fed (with manure) and trimmed the grassland. Grasslands plays an incredibly large role sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and with out the recurring trimming and fertilization that cows provide, they are turning into desert. This is one example of the hidden impact of conventional agriculture.

What’s the solution? Go back to nature of course. Here at Tara Firma Farms, we imitate nature by rotating our cattle more than 3 times a week over lush pasture. This heals the grassland year after year and provides the healthy diet that is essential to producing the quality of meat that humans have eaten for thousands of years. Who knew that eating the right Hamburgers could reverse climate change and heal you body at the same time!