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Be a part of the Movement

There are some people that have been on our Farm Tour or have heard what we are doing here at Tara Firma Farms and were inspired to help us with our mission by becoming advocates. These people go above the typical friendly support that we usually receive, whether they help to organize a new food drop location at their work or they introduce us to a school to learn about food or refer press and media to the farm. These advocates are the people who really have the desire to help reshape the current food system and affect the world in a larger way.

Interested in contributing to our cause? We'd like to encourage and create ways for people that want to help, to do so. If you have a useful contact, creative community outreach idea or anything that you think would help us reach more people, grow our membership or make a splash in the community in a positive way please let us know! Our Farm Advocates are the ones who are leading the charge in growing our society's awareness about healthy and sustainable solutions to the conventional food system.

If you would like to contribute in any way to Tara Firma Farms feel free to contact Jake at (707) 765-1202 or enter your info and brief message below and he will contact you.

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